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What’s Happening on Saturn’s Moons?

This 25-minute film explores what we’ve learned about Saturn’s various moons via space probes. The data comes primarily from NASA’s Cassini, though some is from the Voyager and Galileo missions. Nitrogen geysers, bizarre surface ridges, and real atmospheres are all par for the course — though no big creepy monoliths have been found. [...]

Volcanic Plumes over Io

The Galileo spacecraft captured this fantastic color composite image of a volcanic eruption on Jupiter’s moon Io. APOD explains: At the image top, over Io’s limb, a bluish plume rises about 140 kilometers above the surface of a volcanic caldera known as Pillan Patera. In the image middle, near the night/day shadow line, the ring shaped [...]

Landing sites on Europa identified

Scientists have been examining the images returned by the Galileo spacecraft in an attempt to identify potential sites to land a spacecraft on Jup…