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Game Over

Henry Hargreaves is the artist who brought us Deep Fried Gadgets. His latest series of works is called Game Over. Taking games from my childhood I wanted to strip away the color making the games themselves useless but draw the viewers attention to how beautiful and sculptural the forms themselves become as stand alone objects. See more [...]

Hedgehog Phone Holder

Hedgehod Phone Holder – $9.95 Do you have trouble keep track of your cell phone? You need the Hedgehog Phone Holder from the NeatoShop. This adorable plush doubles as a phone stand for your favorite smartphone. It has a fabric lined pocket and super soft fur.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Mobile [...]

How Much Does James Bond Cost Taxpayers?

The license to kill doesn’t come cheap! Find out how much money James Bond’s fancy clothes, cars and gadgets cost the British taxypayers: Link – Thanks Jack!

A Collection of Weird Culinary Gadgets

Life has some great slideshows and their collection of weird culinary gadgets is no exception. Take this weird spinning spaghetti fork for example. Can someone tell me why we don’t have one of these in the Neatoshop? Link

BBQ Rockin’ Fork

BBQ Rockin’ Fork – $19.95 Do you know someone who makes some rockin’ food on the grill? Get them the BBQ Rockin’ Fork from the NeatoShop and let them know their foods rocks! This fantastic stainless steel grilling fork pairs great with the BBQ Guitar Spatula. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more cool Cooking [...]

OCD Chef Cutting Board

OCD Chef Cutting Board – $24.95 Are you a little OCD in the kitchen? You need the OCD Chef Cutting Board from the NeatoShop. Don’t worry, being a little OCD in the kitchen isn’t really a bad thing. Cutting everything up exactly the same size means it all cooks more evenly. Your neurosis actually makes you a [...]

#1 Chef Oven Mitt

#1 Chef Oven Mitt – $9.95 Is your Dad your #1 man? This Father’s Day get him the #1 Chef Oven Mitt from the NeatoShop. It’s the perfect gift for your #1 Dad from his #1 fan. Now let the Father’s Day feast begin! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more amazing Cooking Gadgets! Link

CIA Escape Kit, Made to Be Hidden Inside the Human Body

You can guess where. Wired has a gallery of gadgets from the history of espionage, including this CIA-issue escape kit from the 1960s. Link via Nerdcore | Photo: International Spy Museum

Printable Sundial

Damia Soler created a website that makes sundials. Type in your location, and it’ll give you a printable paper sundial customized to function there, provided that you point it in the right direction. And the site will tell you orient you in that direction. Link via Make | Photo: Hacked Gadgets

Brad Litwin’s MechaniCards

(Video Link) Brad Litwin makes whimsical paper engines and gadgets out of paper. They fold into compact boxes and can be mailed as greeting cards. The above video shows several such MechaniCards. Link via Make