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The iPod’s 4,000-Pound Grandfather

What’s the gadget that automatically plays all kinds of music from different instruments in one package? Today that would be an iPod, or 50 years ago, it would be a jukebox. But before electronics, you’d be talking about an orchestrion, which could be up to twelve feet tall -or wide- and weigh up to two [...]

Put an iPhone Dock in Your Ashtray

If your car is fairly new, it probably doesn’t have an ashtray. But if it does and you don’t smoke, you can use that handy space to dock and charge your iPhone or other gadget. You’ll find tips for doing just that at Jalopnik. Link -via Boing Boing


iKickstand | $11.95 See what’s happening on your tablet or other gadget hands-free with the handy iKickstand from the NeatoShop. And how cool is this -it looks like a bicycle kickstand! It’s compatible with all versions of iPad, including iPad 2 and the new iPad 3, as well as other tablets and e-readers. See all the clever [...]

Slicey Egg Slicer

Slicey Egg Slicer – $3.95 Are you looking for ways to put the fun back into cooking? You need the egg-cellent Slicey Egg Slicer from the NeatoShop.  This nifty little gadget cuts hard-boiled eggs evenly and easily with a smile. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more entertaining Kitchen Stuff! Link

Hair Washing Robot

Would you entrust your head to a hair washing robot? Even if it has "24 finger tips [that] can be finely moved through independent mechanisms, creating a comfortable fit for any individual, enabling it to hand wash [...]

1 in 10 Men Prefer iPad to Girlfriends

That’s what one recent poll of bachelors discovered: The research found that 11% of bachelors would rather own the popular Apple gadget than gain a new love interest. And 3% said they would happily leave a current partner if they [...]

Tired Of Squeezing Your Own Juice? Get The Gurefuru Chuchu!

(YouTube Link) Leave it to the Japanese to invent a gadget that is both useful and fun, all in a cute little package! The Gurefuru Chuchu is an innovative device that allows you to convert fruit into juice right inside the peel, without any squeezing, cutting or mess. It’s obviously marketed towards children, but I could see [...]

Joystick Attachments for Smartphones

A company called Ten 1 has developed a gadget that can slip over smartphones and serve as joysticks for easier movement while playing video games. So far, they’re available for iPhones, iPod Touches, and Androids. The company says that it’s done extensive testing and the joysticks do no damage to the mobile devices. Link via DVICE


Photographer Todd McLellen’s latest project involves disassembling machines and appliances, sorting and shooting the parts, and then throwing them all in the air as if the gadget is exploding! At his website (click “new work”) you can see more photographs, and a fast-moving video of the process. Link -via Buzzfeed

Sauna Pants

Saunas are great, but they’re not very portable. Here’s a gadget that tries to solve that problem. The sauna pants wrap around your nether regions and give them the Finnish treatment. Link via DVICE | Image: