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Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie

(YouTube link) Oh sure, you’ve heard the joke quite a few times after the game Battleship was made into a feature film. The trailer here is a joke, from Film School Rejects. But the Hungry Hungry Hippos movie is really supposed to happen. Hasbro, the company behind the hits “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” and the flop “Battleship,” [...]

11 Toys Worth More Than My Car

I drive a 2000 Hyundai Elantra with its factory original tape deck. It’s in “fair” shape — low miles but a lotta dents. MSRP for this thing was about $12,000, and Blue Book value is now around $3,500. Let’s take a look at some literal children’s toys that cost more than my [...]

Fan Made G.I. Joe Video Game

(YouTube Link) It’s hard to believe that this G.I. Joe video game is fan made, and available to download for free! Attack Cobra Island plays like a classic sidescrolling arcade brawler, and even though it isn’t the prettiest fan made game I’ve ever seen, it has lots of retro charm and looks like more fun to play [...]

Fun With Copyright Traps: 10 Hoax Definitions, Paper Towns and Other Things That Don’t Exist

Facts are hard to copyright—impossible, actually. This is problematic for people who deal in information; any reference material is factual, and therefore difficult to protect from dirty, lying thieves who want to steal your work. That’s where fictitious entries come in: facts become very easy to copyright when they aren’t true. These are people, places [...]

The Ridiculous Anti-Ninja Turtles Campaign From The 90s

(YouTube Link) Apparently there was a group of Canadian moralists who fought against violent, corrupting influences on children in the early 90s, and made their message known in a propaganda film entitled Not Just Fun And Games. These squares despised toys, and had an awful lot of bad things to say about our beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja [...]

10 Awesome Paintings of Old Board Games

Artist Tim Liddy works almost exclusive in oil paintings. But these aren’t your typical oil paintings of pastoral scenes or abstract shapes. Based on the illustrated box lids of board games, Liddy’s work is social commentary that points out how far we’ve come over the decades as a society. As Liddy says on his Web [...]

Space Invaders-The Movie?

Space Invaders is such an iconic video game, not just because it’s one of the first, and fan tributes have taken many forms over the years. From murals to t shirts to street artists putting tile mosaics on city walls in the shape of pixel aliens, Space Invaders has definitely had an impact on popular [...]

15 Badass Recipients Of The Dickin Medal

The Dickin Medal is a British award given to animals who served faithfully in wartime. Buzzfeed listed the stories of one cat, several dogs and a surprising number of pigeons who were so honored. One of those pigeons was named G.I. Joe. G.I. Joe was enlisted in the United States Army Pigeon Service and went on [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Surprising Celebrity Dolls

It’s not hard to find a celebrity doll these days – every Disney starlet seems to have one, as well as every pop star and even a few models (Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum both have one). Not all of them are quite as predictable, though – here are 10 dolls you probably didn’t see [...]

That’s Not Art

Want to have a laugh? Then please get yourself over to Garrett Murray’s That’s Not Art, a scathing indictment of angsty pseudo-art posted on Tumblr blogs (I refuse to say “Tumblogs” as that’s a pseudo-word). Yes, we’re laughing AT these people, but come on, this is ridiculous: Murray’s commentary: You are in love with a ghost? How [...]