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Space Age Hair Fashions Of Yore

(YouTube Link) Enter the futuristic world promised to us by such hit shows as The Jetsons and Lost In Space, without having to board a space ship or battle pesky aliens. All it takes is a snazzy new space age hairdo and an attitude, at least according to this kooky video from the 1960s that shows how [...]

Indrani and Her Palace

Model and photographer Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri leads a charmed life of luxury, fame, and jet-setting. Yet she turned her 300-room ancestral mansion in India into a school for poor children, with special emphasis on boosting the potential of girls. Attacking this problem has been a lifelong pursuit, Indrani says. To that end, she recently shot a short [...]

Omnicorp Product Line

(YouTube link) “We’ve got the future under control.” Omnicorp is the world’s leading security corporation -in the futuristic world of Robocop! The movie won’t be in theaters for another year, but the fictional Omnicorp has a website in which it shows off its products: security robots, like the ultra-scary ED-209. Link -via The Week