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Furniture Animals

Mark Sparfel, a French artist, transforms old, discarded furniture into animal sculptures. Some of them appear to be almost leaping into action in what Sparfel calls “poetry made from wood.” Link -via Design Boom

Casket Coffee Table

I want this table. I’ll keep it in my living room. When my daughters start dating, I’ll use it to terrify their boyfriends. Casket Furniture, a company that makes caskets and casket-inspired household furniture, made this coffee table. You can find other works at their website, including gaming tables, phone booths, bookshelves and entertainment centers. Link -via [...]

Child Slavery For Art

What’s better than child slavery? Child slavery for art! Just kidding. While designer Lucas Maassen employs child labor to create his furniture/artwork, it’s completely legal. The best part? Selling the furniture pieces for up to [...]

Very Customized Bookcase

No, not there, there! Some bibliophiles are really specific about how they arrange their treasures. Jane Dandy, a furniture maker in San Francisco, can make them one-of-a-kind bookcases to fit individual collections, and no others. Etsy Shop -via Colossal

Serta Trek

(YouTube link) Dodd’s Furniture is going where no furniture store has gone before. Where that is, I don’t know. Set your savings for stunning! -via The Daily What Geeks

Tetris Furniture by Pedro Machado

Now where did I put that sock? This clever table and chairs and drawers combo furniture called T@tris by Pedro Machado is inspired by a certain madly addictive videogame of the 80s. Link – via [...]

1000 Drawers

Wouldn’t it be neat if you took a drawer from each piece of furniture your kid had as they grew up and made one big piece of furniture out of it? Entwurf-Direkt is a cooperative store in Hamburg, Germany that functions as an art space and workshop all in one. It also serves to educate anyone [...]

Coffee Table Decorated with 5,800 Nails

Sandback is a furniture studio in New Hampshire that makes handmade furniture. Among its neater designs is this gorgeous coffee table with an inlaid floral pattern rendered by 5,800 nails driven into the surface. Link | Company Website | Photos: Design Milk

Science Fiction Home Furnishings

Earlier this week I was working on a list of science fiction-inspired furniture when I became distracted by a number of creative science fiction quilts. When I returned to the matter at hand, I found quite a few ways to take your home “out of this world.” 1. TARDIS Murphy Bed An unnamed craftsman in New Zealand [...]

The Best Furniture for Typography Nerds

Love typography? In need of some furnishings for your house that are slightly more advanced than that IKEA armchair you shelled out for in college? Look no further than Tabisso’s typographic lounge furniture. It comes in letters A-Z and numbers 0-9, so you can say whatever you want (provided you have the living space, anyway. [...]