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PhantomX Hexapod

(YouTube link) The PhantomX robot has been around for a while. This demo shows its activities running Phoenix code, and features children who are not nearly as afraid of this creepy crawly thing as they should be. Now imagine this machine covered in battle armor with guns mounted above and below. Then imagine it covered in [...]

At The Pet Groomers When…WTF?!

This cat has a serious love-hate relationship with his owners. One minute they’re petting his belly and feeding him cans of Fancy Feast and the next they’re shaving his fur to make him look like a mock Stegosaurus. Clearly he had someone take this photo for him as a cry for help, so it should be [...]

Adorably Weird Russian Dolls

DeviantArt user Santani creates unbelievably cool fantasy creatures with fabric, clay and fur. The designs are simply amazing and incredibly realistic even though the creatures are obviously imaginary. Link Via BuzzFeed

It’s Not Easy Being a Ginger Seal Pup

It’s not easy being ginger, even for a seal. Here’s the story of a little seal pup being abandoned by its sleek black family for having brownish red fur: The photographer [Anatoly Strakhov - ed], [...]

The Late Movies: I Love Lucy

Saturday, August 6th is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lucille Désirée Ball. Lucy made many movies and TV shows, but will always be best known for the 1951-1957 TV series I Love Lucy. Here are a few memorable clips from the show, in addition to the grape stomping, Vitameatavegemin, Harpo Marx, and Superman [...]

10 Weirdest Ways to Remember Your Deceased Pet

Losing a pet is losing a best friend who lived with you, so of course you want to remember him. However, the way you do it isn’t proscribed by tradition the way human memorials are. So a wide variety of creative businesses have sprung up to cater to the bereaved pet owner -some you may [...]

The Pink Panther

A litter of kittens was dumped at a concrete factory in Redruth, Cornwall, England. They were taken to an animal shelter named Cats Protection. The staff fed the kittens and washed them, but one is still stained pink -and will be until her fur grows out. So they named her Pink Panther! She was rescued by [...]

2010 Hawkins Zoomorphic Collection

(vimeo link) Collection curator Emma Hawkins shows us some items made from animals long ago with functions beyond display. On one hand, using animal remains to make consumer products is green in that the items are organic, biodegradable, and an example of recycling. Compare these items to the same things made of plastic or fiberglass. On [...]

Dissecting Elmo Live

Elmo Live is a fairly complex robot — for an Elmo toy, anyway. He’s way more sophisticated than Tickle Me Elmo: he can sing, dance, and rap, while moving his arms and legs (he even does “jazz hands”). In the video below, Chris Hogg and David Silverberg from Digital Journal TV take an Elmo Live [...]

A Broken Chain and a Busted Pedal

Max Hirschberg missed the last dogsled out of Dawson, Yukon because he was recovering from tetanus. So he rode a bicycle for two months to get to Nome, Alaska in order to join the Klondike gold rush in 1900. Hirschberg was 19 years old when he started the trip. The day I left Dawson, March 2, [...]