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Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary

This Irish Olympic commentary from a sailing event sounds like something produced by The Onion. Really really funny stuff here!


From the idle fertile minds behind Geeks Are Sexy comes a new site that focuses on the world of IT professionals and the funny stuff they encounter in their work. FailDesk has, of course, those clueless co-workers, resourceful workarounds, and clients that will surprise you. I had a very nice lady call me completely in tears [...]


The folks at I Can Has Cheezburger have launched a new site called Superheroes! which gathers funny stuff involving your favorite comic book heroes all in one place. See Spiderman with a baby carriage, Wolverine preparing lunch, and of course, lots about Batman. Link

The Upper Hand

Aled Lewis is a professional illustrator (featured previously) who posts funny stuff on his Tumblr blog Aled Knows Best. One of his recurring themes is to pose toys to illustrate an unexpected punch line. This is only one of many that made me laugh! Link -via Nag on the Lake