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Welcome to Bubbleland: Life on a Strange Little Chunk of Kentucky

For most of its journey from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River takes a pretty direct path. Sure, it zigs east here and zags west there, but nothing too crazy. Around Kentucky, though, the river’s course gets a little convoluted. It turns north before heading south again in several places. These detours [...]

Dozer The Goldendoodle Joins Maryland Half Marathon

(YouTube Link) Dozer the goldendoodle somehow escaped from his yard in Fulton, Maryland. What did he decide to do with his newfound freedom? He joined in the Maryland Half Marathon and ran approximately 7 miles of the race on his own. When he stopped for water at rest stations people assumed he was running with his [...]

24 More Cool College Landmarks

Back in February 2008 (posted again in January 2009), we brought you a list of 10 cool college landmarks, ranging from MIT’s relatively new Stata Center to the 130-year-old Nott Memorial at Union College. Today, we’re bringing you 24 more, recommended by mental_floss readers. 1. Cathedral of Learning The University of Pittsburgh‘s Cathedral of Learning holds the [...]

This Week at Neatorama

Arrrr! Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! To get ready, you might want to check out these Neatorama articles about pirates: Pirate Lore: 7 Myths and Trrrrruths About Pirates! or The Last Great Buried Treasure Mystery: The Money Pit at Oak Island or Neatorama Facts: Pirates of the Caribbean. You’ll also want to [...]