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The Missing Links: Springfield’s Most Obscure Residents

Who Doesn’t Love Baron Von Kiss-A-Lot? There have been an astounding 508 episodes of The Simpsons. And nuzzled in among the more well-known characters like Homer, Bart and Flanders is an entire universe of really obscure, rarely seen oddballs. The writers of The Simpsons share their favorites. * Genetically Mutated Butterflies Take Flight It’s been about a year and [...]

A Chair Designed to Make Horror Movies Scarier

If you’d like to be even more terrified at horror movies, researchers at Japan’s University of Electro-Communications have just the right chair for you. The Chilly Chair will, on command, send mild electrical charges through you–just enough to raise your hair. The premise is that emotions are responses to physical changes, so changing a person’s [...]

Nuclear fears over bunny with no ears

New concerns have been raised over the Fukushima plant incident after a rabbit was found with no ears. The rabbit was born close to the scene of the d…

Shelties Rescues from Radiation Area

An Associated Press photographer had snapped a picture of a group of Shelties wandering the streets in Minami Soma city, an area that has been evacuated because of proximity to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex in Japan. A team called Sheltie Rescue went into action after the picture was published, determined to bring the dogs [...]

US Nuclear Evacuation Area Map

The German site Zeit Online posted a map in which you can compare the evacuation around Japan’s Fukushima power plant to the populations around nuclear plants in the US and Canada. You can adjust the area of evacuation with a slider. Zoom in on a red dot, and see the stats. For example, 37,513 people [...]

XKCD Radiation Dose Chart

With all the bad news of the nuclear reactor incident in Fukushima, Japan, it’s hard to get a handle of exactly how much radiation is bad. Randall Munroe of XKCD created what is probably the most informative chart about the different doses of radiation you get from various activities of life, from sleeping next to someone [...]

world’s first images coelacanth baby fish

Scientists have captured the world’s first images of a baby coelacanth – an extremely rare type of fish known as a ‘living fossil’. Japanese marine researchers have found and successfully filmed the young fish at a depth of 528ft in Manado Bay off Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. Video footage shows the 12.6-inch coelacanth, coloured blue with white spots, [...]