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The Ultimate Cybernetic Daemon Cosplay Suit

Photo: TwoHornsUnited Time to add fuel to the nightmare fire. TwoHornsUnited is a DeviantArtist, Etsy seller, and the creator of this fine Cybernetic Daemon suit. For only $2,000 (US) you can own this nightmare-monster-suit yourself! Just think of all the new activities you can do with a masterpiece like this… you could show it off at [...]

Planes of the future could run off sawdust

Scientists in France are investigating cleaner alternatives to kerosene fuel as part of a new project. Co-financed by a government economic stimulus p…

Peugeot’s Paper Play: Just Add Fuel

If you live across the pond, you’ve likely seen the below Peugeot “Just Add Fuel” commercial (or should I say advert?). In all my years blogging for the _floss, I don’t believe I’ve ever posted a bonafide commercial. That speaks to how impressed I was with this one. I’ve always felt like the U.K. does [...]

Government Penalizes Oil Companies For Failing to Deliver Fuels That Don’t Yet Exist

Oh, you’ve got to love gub’ment. Here’s a story of how the Environmental Protection Agency made companies that supply motor fuel pay fines because they failed to deliver alternative fuels. The companies did have [...]

20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Fire

In the October issue of Discover magazine, LeeAundra Keany tells us that a bonfire is “basically a tree running in reverse,” and other interesting facts. 1  Fire is an event, not a thing. Heating wood or other fuel releases volatile vapors that can rapidly combust with oxygen in the air; the resulting incandescent bloom of gas [...]

How Far Can You Drive on Empty?

It’s a question that plagues every driver: just how far can you drive with your car’s “fuel empty” light illuminated? The detailed answer depends on all sorts of variables like the age and model of your car, how much weight you’re carrying, and what kind of driving you’re doing. The more fun answer is “Find out [...]

New solar fuel machine unveiled

A new solar device that can convert solar energy in to transportable fuel has been developed. The device is to said to mimic plants in that it convert…

Satellite Will Test Whether Astronaut Poop Can Be Turned into Spaceship Fuel

The planned UNESCOSat mission — a UN-owned satellite that will conduct low-gravity experiments — will examine whether or not the Shewanella MR-1 bacterium can convert human feces into a fuel that can be used on long-range spaceflights: The goal is, to put it bluntly, to see if Shewanella can convert astronaut feces into hydrogen for use [...]

Steam-Powered Airplane

(YouTube Link) The Tesla Air 2000 was a biplane built in 1933 by William Besler and Nathan C. Price. It was powered by a steam boiler that was so quiet that spectators on the ground could hear the pilot calling to them. From the video notes: The advantages of the “Besler System” that were claimed at the [...]

Thorium, the Green Nuke

Aerospace engineer Kirk Sorensen became interested in nuclear energy by reading records of experiments done by Alvin Weinberg and his team after World War II at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Plant. What really captured Sorenson’s attention was the promise of thorium, which has advantages over uranium as a nuclear fuel. Uranium worked best for nuclear [...]