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Man Tries to Rob Bank on Columbus Day

I sympathize with his frustration. There’s no build-up to Columbus Day, so one might not expect banks to be closed. According to police in East Boston, Massachussets, a would-be bank robber was ready to conduct business on Monday. But he couldn’t get inside the building. The suspect: [...] was spotted by a passing officer at the [...]

Laser Cut Omni Tool From Mass Effect Series

Did you spend the last two weeks playing Mass Effect 3 only to find nothing but bitter disappointment and frustration at the end of the game? Well, hope is at hand when you strap this laser cut Omni Tool replica/cosplay accessory on your arm and create your own Mass Effect themed adventures all over town! A [...]

Road Frustration Index

How bad is traffic right now across the United States? Thanks to Audi, we now have Road Frustration Index, a real-time map of how frustrated drivers in your city are, at any given moment (all I can say is "calm [...]

Tapping Fingers Automaton

(Video Link) Sometimes, tapping your fingers in bored frustration doesn’t really seem to make time more forward at a faster clip. This hand-cranked automaton by Etsy seller automatonman will probably help. Link -via Technabob

Stress Beater

Stress Beater – $7.45 Does work have you down? Do you need a way to channel your anger and frustration? Get the Stress Beater from the NeatoShop and show stress who is boss. Stress will be screaming for mercy at the sight of this soft and squishy rubber toy. Nothing says I mean business like a [...]

Sudoku Rubik’s Cube

How do you multiply the frustration of Sudoku? Just add a little bit of Rubik’s Cube and voilà! Welcome double frustration with this: Sudoku Rubik’s Cube.