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Dietribes: Grapefruit

• Grapefruit, like all citrus fruit, is a Hesperidum: a large modified berry with a thick rind. If you see grapefruit growing on a tree, you will notice that they grow in clusters that resemble the shape of large yellow grapes, likely giving it its name. As for origins, most botanists agree that the grapefruit is [...]

Guerrilla Grafters: Turning Public Trees Into Fruit-Bearing Trees

[YouTube Clip] Money doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t stop a group of renegade agriculturists from turning public trees into a provider for bountiful harvest by grafting fruit-bearing branches. Meet the Guerilla Grafters: What [...]

Dietribes: Eggplant

• Few foods have gone through the kind of transformation the eggplant has. From being considered “the mad apple” on the presumption it caused insanity, to having a complete overhaul as the aphrodisiatic “apple of love” in sixteenth century Spain to being used as a cosmetic for black dye that was sometimes used to polish teeth [...]

What Does ’100% Juice’ Mean?

Buying fruit juice at the supermarket is a surprisingly complicated task that leads to myriad questions. What’s really in that “100% juice”? Why does that “juice” have the word “cocktail” loitering behind it? Let’s take a look at the exciting world of juice labeling. What does “100% juice” mean? As you might guess, that label legally [...]

Fruit Jackets Trio

Fruit Jackets Trio – $27.95 Are you looking for a fun way to protect your sweet summertime fruit? You need the Fruit Jackets from the NeatoShop. This fantastic little trio comes with a apple, banana, and pear cover. This item was recently featured on the Today Show as one of the hot summer items you’ll be [...]

Bananaphobia: woman terrified for 20 years

23 year-old Paula Ross has been absolutely terrified of the yellow fruit for her whole life. Her fear was so extreme that she couldn’t even stand bein…

“The Fruit Fly (Genotype: nevermore)”

Male and female fruit flies. Drawing by Nan Swift, Improbable Research staff, in homage to T.H. Morgan. This poem is reprinted from the science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research. Another in an endless series of poems evolved from E.A. Poe’s original by Jennifer Sosnowski University of Virginia, Charlottesville Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, O’er [...]

Fruit Roll-Ups as Camera Filters

Photographer John Crane went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and captured pictures of ice formations. At one point, he realized that he needed a green filter to get a certain shot just right. But Crane didn’t have one. He did, however, have a Fruit Roll-Up (a kind of sugary snack) in his pocket: Behind the [...]

The CO2inator

You’ve probably seen kits that will carbonate your drinks at home. Did you know you can do the same thing with fruit? Fizzy fruit? Rich Faulhaber made a machine to do it, and says the kids love fizzy grapes, oranges, and blueberries. He shows you how you can do it yourself at Evil Mad Scientist [...]

Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010

National Geographic posts many lists in December rounding up up the top ten of subjects you won’t find anywhere else. The Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010 has quite a few we’ve posted about, but seeing them all in one gallery is almost startling. Yes, the tiny purple octopus is there, and the snub-nosed monkey, [...]