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How to Make Rainbow Jello Shots

Christmas is coming. Gird yourselves well for its struggles with two essential nutrients: sugar and alcohol. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen designed this recipe, which uses flavored vodka, gelatin, frosting and sprinkles. Don’t forget the sprinkles. People have suffered terrible kitchen accidents simply because they thought that sprinkles weren’t absolutely necessary. Link -via Foodbeast

Spider Man Cake Is Pretty Amazing

I’m a certified cake-o-holic, so when I feel like a cake is too pretty to eat it either means I’m running a fever, or the cake is truly a work of art. Enter the newest batter and fondant sculptural masterpiece, an Amazing Spider Man cake that definitely lives up to the hype. It’s shaped like my [...]

Tea Bag Cookies

Kim of Party Frosting made these adorable cookies when she saw wooden tea bag toys. It occurred to her that she could make a tastier alternative out of shortbread. With a touch of chocolate frosting, they really do look like tea bags. Link -via Tasteologie

3D Printed TARDIS Cookies Look Tasty & Fun

These delightful cookies are even geekier than you might think…they were created using a 3D printer to create the cookie cutter. Now all they need is some nice blue frosting. Link Via BoingBoing

Bacon Frosting

Bacon Frosting – $4.95 Thanksgiving is nearly here. Are you still trying to find a way to distract people from your terrible cooking? Incorporate Bacon Frosting from the NeatoShop into your dessert masterpiece. Bacon makes everything better. Be sure to check out the Bacon Store for more deliciously delightful bacon inspired products. Link

Notice Anything Weird About This Couch?

In this case, chocolate isn’t just the name of the color, but the name of the frosting flavor. That’s right, it’s a delicious chocolate-covered couch made by Leandro Erlich. Link Via CraftZine

Princess Leia Cupcakes

This is my last Star Wars post today, I promise. But just look at how cute this Princess Leia cupcake is. Best of all, it’s super easy to make with just a little black frosting, a few Oreos and pink sprinkles. Link via Geeks Are Sexy

Cupcakes on Cupcakes

Flickr user Make Way for Cupcakes made cupcakes topped with cupcakes! The secret is that the little cupcake on top is a miniature Reece’s Cup with frosting. Link to photo. Link to instructions. -via The Daily What

Top 10 Most Obnoxious Wedding Themes

It’s the time of year when the sanctity of marriage and love are celebrated with crab cakes, white frosting and drunken bridesmaids giving it up for pre-screened strangers. Here are the most insane and ridiculous wedding themes we have ever seen. But hey, look at this this way: they’re better than Vegas!…Alas, while some people [...]

Brain Cake Is Scary, But Tasty

This brain cake looks terrifying, but the process to create it is pretty cool. The brain folds are simply made of frosting and the blood is only food coloring. I think a simple way to make things even more delicious would be to used a raspberry puree in place of food coloring. Link Image Via kiffakitty