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He’s Got A Lot On His Mind

There are those who think that only fuzzy critters can be cute. To those prejudiced persons, I’d just like to ask you to look this frog in his eyes and try to tell him he isn’t cute. If you’re able to do that, you’re not only wrong about cuteness, you’re also a cruel monster. Link

Spiked Thumb Helps Frog Become Both a Lover and a Fighter

Photo: N. Iwai Are you a lover and not a fighter? Not this frog! Japanese researcher Noriko Iwai of the University of Tokyo discovered that the rare and endangered Japanese Otton frog (Babina subaspera) [...]

Caterpillar Almost Forces Itself Down Frog’s Throat

(Video Link)  This caterpillar is determined to be eaten by a frog–one that seems decidedly unmotivated to do so. Which will prevail? -via Blame It on the Voices

7 Absolutely Insane Animal Defense Mechanisms

Scientists recently recorded footage of a never-before-seen defense mechanism deployed by a small species of deep-sea squid: When threatened, the squid attacks its predator and then pulls away, breaking off the tip of its own arm and leaving it behind as a distraction. The arm continues to glow and twitch, creating a diversion and enabling [...]

‘Lost’ species of frog rediscovered

The Bururi long-fingered frog has been found alive and well in Africa having not been seen since 1949. Feared extinct, a member of this rare species w…

Five legged frog saved from the pot

A frog in China was saved from the cooking pot when the chef noticed its unusual extra appendage. Frogs are a common food in China with frog leg soup …

Play “The Imperial March” on a YouTube Frog

(Video Link) It’s a frog croacking, but more! Hit play, then the following sequence of keys: 6 6 6 8 56 8 56, 3 3 3 2 56 8 56 8 56. You’ll hear “The Imperial March” from Star Wars. Then contemplate how small and petty our lives would be without the wonders of the Internet. -via [...]

Underwater Zombie Frog Ballet

Chinese artist Lu Yang’s latest project involved three things that you don’t normally find in a sentence: frog, ballet, and zombie. She took dead frog bodies that have been used in medical dissection experiments [...]

World’s smallest frog discovered

A new species of tiny frog has been found by US researchers in the forests of Papua New Guinea. The frog measures only 7mm in length and may be not on…

World’s Smallest Frog

A newly-discovered frog, Paedophryne amauensis, is not only the smallest frog species, but the smallest vertebrate ever found. The frogs were found in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea, living among fallen leaves. They are 7 millimeters long, about a quarter of an inch. They are well camouflaged among leaves on the forest floor, and [...]