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A Little Box Of Treasures From Disneyland

Even though this may look like a box full of junk, Disney Imagineer Fritz would rather think of it as a case containing pleasant memories and important artifacts from his time working at Disneyland. Fritz has been sharing his little box of wonders with the world via his blog since 2010, and even though the items [...]

10 Great Artists’ Famous Calling Cards

Artists, filmakers, and authors often get into the habit of leaving a “calling card” -some quirky element that they’ve grown fond of- in many of their works. If you learn which ones are which, and you’ll be able to identify their works even when their name is not attached. Or you might just enjoy being [...]

Four Feline Photographers

Yesterday I read about a documentary film that debuted at the SXSW Film Festival in which the cinematographer was a cat. The item jogged my memory, as I had posted about this same cat back in 2007. He’s not the only cat who takes pictures, so let’s meet several cats who record their feline adventures [...]

How Military Operations Get Their Code Names

© Hannibal Hanschke/dpa/Corbis Last month the world watched rebel forces pour into Tripoli under the banner of Operation Mermaid Dawn. While watching the news, I was struck by a curiosity many of you might have shared: just where exactly do these names come from? It’s a relatively new practice, actually—less than a hundred years old. The Germans [...]

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under Old Management

The Sunshine Pavilion at Walt Disney World in Florida, home of the magical Tiki Birds, opened in 1971 with a show modeled on the older Disneyworld version. Many longtime Disney theme park fans objected when the Tiki Room’s “Under New Management” show debuted in 1998 featuring Zazu from The Lion King and Iago from Aladdin. [...]

How Did Cameron Get an Indoor Stadium? The Names Behind 12 College Arenas

Now that college basketball season is in full swing, hoops fans are hearing a lot about teams’ home arenas during broadcasts. While it’s easy to figure out the origins of many of these namesake arenas—basketball fans surely know where Rupp Arena and the Dean Smith Center got their names—some aren’t as clear. Who was Cameron, [...]