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How Malcolm Gladwell Ruined a Friendship By Singing a Song

In this live story from The Moth, Malcolm Gladwell explains how he ruined his friendship with his college friend Craig. Craig was a charismatic leader among nerds — he had a knack for nicknames and songs, and he made a huge impression on Gladwell when they were in school. But when Craig’s wedding [...]

My Little Bacon

Friendship is magic, or bacon, which is pretty much the same thing. DeviantART user BAwesome-BAcon rendered this pony in pork products. His gallery also contains images of Pinkie Pie made out of oatmeal and Applejack out of breakfast cereal. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you would like for Neatorama to move [...]

Won’t Someone Please Crank Up This Mouse?

(Video Link) Aww, this poor, poor puppy. His best friend lit up his life and then just died as quickly as their friendship began.

Tug of War With A Dog & Horse

(Video Link) Now that’s an animal friendship you don’t see too often. Isn’t it precious though? Via I Has A Hot Dog

On Next Week’s Episode….

I only watched the first couple of episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic before getting bored and moving on. Is this what I’ve been missing? Why didn’t you Bronies tell me the show got this awesome?! Link -via blastr | Image: Royce Southerland

Gecko Saves Friend From Snake

(Video Link) Lizards aren’t particularly well known for their powers of friendship, but if I was a gecko, I’d certainly want to hang out with this guy, who is willing to risk his own life to save his friend. Via Geekosystem

A Baby Chimp Feeding A Baby Tiger

(Video Link) This might just be one of the cutest videos ever. Like humans, chimps are born with a strong maternal instinct and when instinct and friendship are paired up like this, there’s no ignoring the cuteness. Link

Just Friends

Can men and women ever really be “just friends”? A series of articles at Slate magazine this week explores the question from different angles. Today’s feature highlights platonic relationships in Hollywood movies, which may or may not reflect real life. The most famous example is in When Harry Met Sally. Are we supposed to believe that [...]