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Wedding Speeches

Now that you know what is expected of you, you’ll be able to prepare that little talk for your friend’s upcoming wedding. Another gem from The Doghouse Diaries. Link -via Blame It On The Voices

The Historical Gift Guide: 15 of the Greatest Gifts in the History of Presents

Do you have a pal who always leaves you scratching your head when it comes to gifts? Perhaps something in our Historical Gift Guide will sound like the perfect present for the person in your life who has everything—everything except a 69-carat diamond, an eagle made of beer can tabs, and fire. 1. For Friends Abroad: [...]

Tremble before the Greatness of the Stachentar

A friend of redditor burnworldburn28 made this image for a mustache growing competition. The only sad thing about this photo is that it’s not a family portrait. Link -via Geekosystem

We’re All Down to Four Degrees of Separation, Thanks to Facebook

You are now that much closer to Kevin Bacon. A recent study showed that Facebook has reduced the "Six Degrees of Separation" – the distance between you and any other [...]

Have you ever wondered what your photos would look like if you and your friend’s faces were replaced with kitten faces? Probably not, but now you will know if you go to this link and upload your photo. You could spend whole minutes doing this yourself in Photoshop, but now you can do it with [...]

Charles Schulz of Peanuts Drew Batman

Sadly, it appears that he only drew this single panel as a gift to a friend. A crossover would have been really neat. Who would Batman take up from the Peanuts cast as his Robin? Link -via Comics Alliance | Photo: Marc Nobleman

Germany’s Cadaver-Scouting Vultures

Move out of the way, police dogs! German police have a new best friend–the vulture. A team of three carrion-seeking birds have been trained to help officers find bodies. The only hitch is that the birds tend to peck at their finds. Um, yeah. That could be a problem. Named Sherlock, Miss Marple and Colombo, the [...]

How Teddy Roosevelt Ended up With Abe Lincoln’s Hair

John Hay, Lincoln’s private secretary and assistant, was as devastated as the rest of the nation when his friend was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865. He wanted a memento to remember Lincoln by and paid $100 for six strands of hair removed from the President’s head during his autopsy. He later had one [...]

Teenager Carried Friend on His Back for 8 Years

What would you do to help out a friend? Sixteen-year-old teenager Lui Shi Ching of Hebei carries his friend Lu Shao on his back for 8 years: In Hebei, China, a teenager named Lui Shi Ching, 16 years old, has carried his friend to school daily for the last 8 years. His friend Lu Shao has [...]

The Late Movies: Mousetrap Chain Reaction

Disney produced a documentary promoting nuclear power in 1957 called Our Friend the Atom. It has been shown in countless high school science classes since then. The 53-minute film is available in segments on YouTube, if you’d like to watch the whole thing. One part that stuck with us is the demonstration of a chain [...]