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The 9 Most Newsworthy Dogs of 2012

Man’s best friend, indeed! In 2012, dogs made the news -or at the least went viral in the ‘net- by doing tricks, saving lives, or just by making us happy. Take a look back at some of the better dog stories from the past year. Shown here are the K-9 Parish Comfort dogs who visited [...]

Video Game Companies as Friends

What kind of a friend would your favorite video game company be if they were humans? Dorkly has the answer (nailed it, by the way): Link – via Geeks Are Sexy

Man and His Best Friend in Lake Superior

Photo: Hannah Stonehouse/Stonehouse Photography Photographer Hannah Stonehouse took this marvelous photo of her friend John Unger swimming with his dog Schoep, who at 19 years old, now [...]

Dog: Baby’s Best Friend by Preventing Infections

Woof! New research shows that a dog is not only man’s best friend, it can also be a baby’s best friend … by preventing infections: The study, posted online Monday and based on 397 children who lived [...]

Human Societies Are Moving From a Patriarchy Back to a Matriarchy

Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar (of the Dunbar’s Number fame) and colleagues analyzed 2 billion anonymized telephone calls and 500,000 text messages to arrive at this scientific conclusion: [...]

Dead Snake Bites Man

A 41-year-old homeless man in Mobile, Alabama was treated with antivenom after he was bitten by a decapitated cottonmouth. A friend of the man described the incident. “I saw it swimming down along the creek and everything. And, I ran down and hit it with the machete and killed it and brought it up. He picked the [...]

Earth Sandwich

Redditor Matt872000 writes “Me, in Korea, and a friend, in Canada, just made an Earth Sandwich.” Very good! It’ll have a nice crunchy texture. Of course, the contents are off center will slide out with the first bite. Ideally, he needed a friend in Arachania, Uruguay. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Man sends e-mails from beyond the grave

The family and friends of Jack Froese have been receiving mysterious posthumous e-mails from him. Jack’s friend Tim Hart was the first to receive one …

How Hollywood Says “I Love You”

My friend Matt Belinkie put together this stupendous, big ol’ mashup of 95 declarations of love. If you don’t mind a little cheese with your Valentine’s Day, this might even make you tear up. (Admission: I did!)

10 Body Myths That Just Wont’ Go Away

If you get stung by a jelly fish, don’t ask your friend to pee on you. Similarly, reading in the dark won’t make you go blind. For explanations and more interesting body myths, head over to Life Hacker. Link