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Psychedelic Scientists

In a series called Science Vs Delirium, artist Simon Bent creates colorful icons of some of the most amazing scientists in history, from Galileo to Freud. The series reminds me of the Yellow Submarine movie, which is to say I love it. Link via Flavorwire

Pink Freud

Pink Freud T-Shirt – $9.95 Lie down on the couch and tell me what you’d get if you mash up a psychoanalyst with psychedelic rock music. No idea? How about a super comfy T-shirt from the NeatoShop. Bonus: take a close look at the cigar smoke … Pink Freud T-Shirt | More Funny & One Liners T-Shirts [...]

Mona Lisa: All Things to Some Researchers

How researchers see a much looked- upon lady by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, Improbable Research staff Leonardo da Vinci’s painted portrait of the Mona Lisa entices researchers of many kinds to spring into action of some sort. Alerted to the possible presence of a newsworthy mystery, quite a few people want to define and then solve it. On December [...]

Dr. Freud Therapy Ball

Dr. Freud Therapy Ball – $7.95 Got issues? Why see an expensive therapist when you can get psychotherapy from Dr. Freud himself for less than $8? Just pour your heart out, then shake the Dr. Freud Therapy Ball from the NeatoShop to reveal what the world’s most famous psychoanalyst has got to say: Link | More [...]