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Bulldog Loves His Baby Boars

(Video Link) What do you do when you’re left with abandoned wild baby boars? You ask your adorable little French bulldog to lend a hand to help socialize and care for them. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Bulldog Laplander Hat

Bulldog Laplander Hat – $14.95 (front and back shown) Fall is coming and Neatorama is going to the dogs. Behold the Bulldog Laplander hat from the NeatoShop. This great adult-sized knit hat, with applique details, looks like an adorable French Bulldog. It is perfect for keeping chills at bay. Who let the dogs out? We let the dogs [...]

French Bulldog Adopts Orphaned Baby Boars

After an animal sanctuary in Lehnitz, Germany, received six orphaned wild baby boars, a cute little French bulldog that lived there rose to the challenge and adopted the litter: A little French bulldog called Baby [...]