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Furniture Animals

Mark Sparfel, a French artist, transforms old, discarded furniture into animal sculptures. Some of them appear to be almost leaping into action in what Sparfel calls “poetry made from wood.” Link -via Design Boom

Ludwig van Joker

A bit of madness helps with the music. French artist and custom toymaker Oskunk applied acrylic paint to a bust of Beethoven to turn the composter into Heath Ledger’s Joker. Link -via it8bit

Calvin and Hobbes by OaKoAk

We’ve posted about the clever street art of French artist OaKoAk before on Neatorama, but I couldn’t resist this one of Calvin and Hobbes: Link – via My Modern Met

Here Comes The Spider-Man!

When you and I see a crack in the wall, we probably think of grabbing some spackle to fix the eyesore … but not French artist OakOak, who grabbed some art supply instead. Check out more here: Link

Daisy Chaining Printers of Different Technological Eras to Print a Book

In the art installation called Just in Time, or A Short History of Production, French artist Xavier Antin printed a book using a chain of four desktop printers of varying technologies from 1880 to 1976, using the output of one as input of another: Link – via The Ministry of Type