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Ancient microbes discovered in icy lake

Researchers have discovered microbes living in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. You would be forgiven for thinking that the freezing, dar…

How A Slush Machine Works

(YouTube link) How are liquid slushes served at temperatures below freezing? It’s the magic of physics! -via The Daily What Geek

The Beardski Will Keep You Warmski

If your face is freezing out on the slopes this winter, or you’re simply looking for a way to remain anonymous and look like a Viking warrior at the same time, then you need a Beardski. It’s a neoprene ski mask and an epic beard in one, and it comes in all kinds of styles [...]

The Chilling Tale of James Bedford, Cryonics Pioneer

Hundreds of people have been cryonically frozen since the idea became feasible in the 1960s. The most famous is baseball legend Ted Williams, but Larry King, Muhammad Ali, Simon Cowell and Gore Vidal have all said they’re interested in giving cryonics a shot when they pass on. The first man to go through the process, however, [...]

Big freeze could signal global warming "pause"

Scientists believe that the current freezing winter conditions in Britain and other parts of the world could signal a global warming “pause”. The ramm…

The Cold, Hard Facts About Freezing to Death.

The process of freezing to death is presented in horrifying detail in this classic article. It’s not just a matter of getting cold and dying. For example, just before they freeze, people with hypothermia tear their clothes off in a fit of what’s called “paradoxical undressing.” At 85 degrees, those freezing to death, in a strange, [...]