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This Lawyer Is A Cowboy, Patriot And Champion Of Freedom

(YouTube Link) Adam Reposa is a self-proclaimed champion of freedom, patriot and one badass lawyer. Watch him wheel his monstrous truck around town, looking to smash those who oppose his right to cowboy up and punch freedom haters in the face. According to Adam, when you’re a lawyer you can smash up people’s cars on the road without [...]

Council quizzed over Santa crash plans

Some of the most unusual Freedom of Information Act requests posed to local authorities have been listed. Cheltenham Borough Council was at the receiv…

More and More US Teenagers Prefer Surfing the Net to Driving a Car

Remember your first time driving? For most Americans, nothing symbolizes freedom more than the open road. But that’s changing: for more and more teenagers, freedom doesn’t mean a fast car. It means a fast [...]

7-foot Papercraft Gundam

A year ago, Taras Lesko made a four-foot-tall Freedom Gundam out of paper. Where do you go from there? A bigger model, of course. This papercraft Gundam is seven feet tall! It was constructed of 1250 parts printed from 720 sheets, with a total weight of ten pounds. See pictures from the construction process and [...]

Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice

“The official dogma ['of all Western societies'] runs like this: if we are interested in maximizing the welfare of our citizens, the way to do that is to maximize individual freedom. The reason for this is both that freedom is, in and of itself, good, valuable, worthwhile, essential to being human, and because [...]

The Hero in the Picture

James Zwerg was a Freedom Rider who went to Montgomery, Alabama in 1961. As soon as he stepped off the bus, a mob grabbed him and beat him to a pulp. A photograph taken of Zwerg in the hospital was published nationwide and around the world, bringing awareness of what was happening in the American [...]

Scottish police investigate ghosts and UFOs

Information released through the Freedom of Information Act has revealed some unusual police cases. Officers from Tayside Police in Scotland have been…

The Idea Swap

In theory this sounds like a great idea. Post an idea and you get an idea back. Freedom of the exchange of information, that’s what the internet is for right? However I could see this posing some problems when someone’s brilliant million dollar idea gets posted on The Idea Swap lets you take those ideas [...]

The Beagle Freedom Project

Shannon Keith and Gary Smith started the Beagle Freedom Project to find new homes for beagles that have been used for research. They named their first rescue dogs Freedom and Bigsby, and videotaped the beagles’ first brush with the great outdoors. Be warned that the video, while not graphic, may be disturbing and you’ll want [...]

Uncle Matin’s Amazing Sword Trick

Falsely imprisoned for 10 years, Uncle Matin finally breathed the fresh air of freedom when he ran into his friends at the market who beseeched him to show them his famous sword trick. But what happened when he started to do the sword trick, which he had sworn never to do ever again? Link [embedded YouTube]