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The Urban Field Guide To Subcultural Tribes

Ever wonder what those freaky guys and gals that hang out at your local watering hole are all about? Don’t get the ins and outs of their particular brand of bad taste, and you want to know what they’re doing walking around looking like that? Well, this field guide to subcultural tribes by artist Rob Dubi [...]

Girl Can Say Any Word Backwards

This is both adorable and a tad freaky. I hope Hollywood doesn’t come knocking and turn her into some freak on display. For now, she’s just a cute, strangely talented young woman having fun with a unique gift.

Psychedelic Interpretations Of Cartoon Characters

These freaky paintings look like what you’ll see if you watch cartoons while on acid. Created by Tina Lugo, they have a pop art flavor coupled with psychedelic melting madness, and yet the cartoon characters that star in these paintings are still recognizable. Tina creates these bizarre pieces by painting enamel on sheets of Plexiglass, which enhances [...]