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From Classics to Graphics: 6 Literary Masterpieces Turned Into Graphic Novels

Abridging classic novels for younger readers is nothing new. But in recent years, classic literature has been graphic novel-ized, making it more accessible for readers young and old while preserving the plot, themes, and sometimes even the author’s voice. English class will never be the same, thanks to these classics gone graphic. 1. The Picture of [...]

Nightmarish Dollhouses Designed by a Madman

Over at Fast Company there’s a slideshow of incredible dollhouse interiors, all designed by a Santa-Claus-lookin’ Frenchman who operates somewhere between the world of Franz Kafka and that of director Jean-Paul Jenet (remember The City of Lost Children and Delicatessen?). I love how these multi-level creations have a “normal” part, where one would assume people live [...]

Why Kafka Makes You Smarter

“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic vermin.” The first line of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis immediately launches readers into a surreal world where a man transforms into a bug and his family barely notices. Surrealist stories aren’t just entertaining pursuits—reading Kafka or other [...]