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Disturbingly Cool Mask Sculptures

Swedish artist Axel Torvenius sculptures are like fragments of a nightmare, masks which show faces in the midst of transformation and other dark works which explore bodily deconstruction and mortality. They’re hauntingly beautiful and should appeal to Halloweenies who also have love for fine art, check out the rest of Axel’s works at the link below. Link [...]

Mysterious ancient ruins found in Syria

Evidence of an ancient city that could predate the Egyptian Pyramids has been discovered in Syria. Stone tool fragments, stone circles and other clues…

Animals Sculptures from Shattered CDs

It’s been a long time since you’ve listened to those Sir Mix-a-Lot CDs. Why not put them to some good use? Sean Avery takes CDs, breaks them into fragments, and then creates amazing animal sculptures. Link -via Bit Rebels

Fragment from world’s oldest Bible found

Fragments from the world’s oldest known Bible have been discovered in an Egyptian Monastery hidden underneath the binding of an 18th-century b…