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Runner Meets Grizzly Bear

(Video Link)  There’s nothing like a good run to get rid of stress. At least until you meet your first grizzly bear on the trail, as YouTube user GTX449 did at the 3:10 mark in this video. Content warning: foul language. But who can blame him? This is why I run on a treadmill. -via Yababoon

"Reverse, Auntie. What You Waiting For?"

While waiting for a woman to back her car into a parking spot, this bard composes and performs a libretto exhorting her to move faster. She declines. Content warning: some foul language. Video Link -via Sippican Cottage

Personalized Zippo Lighters from the Vietnam War

The indomitable Zippo lighter was an essential tool for American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Many soldiers engraved messages, patterns and symbols into theirs. You can view a gallery of examples at the link. Content warning: foul language. Link -via Nag on the Lake | Photo: Cowan’s Auctions

Batman And Robin-The Musical

(YouTube Link) Somehow I doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s singing voice sounds as good as the guy singing in this comedic spoof, but then again I can barely understand Arnold when he’s actually trying to enunciate every word, so I guess a vocal stand-in was necessary. Batman and Robin- The Musical definitely would have been a bigger hit [...]

Predator: The Musical

(Video Link) Relax, relax! There’s no actual Predator musical in the making. This is just a parody by Jon and Al Kaplan, who have made several fake Schwarzenegger musicals, from Conan the Barbarian to Total Recall. This one, the last in the series, is a far superior production compared to the early musicals. Warning: foul language. via [...]

Bunker: A Post-Apocalyptic Short Film

(Video Link) Bunker, a short film by Paul Doucet, is about a woman alone in a bunker beneath Paris after a nuclear war. Marie pleads over her radio for someone to respond to her. Finally, a voice answers. Dialogue in French with English subtitles. Run time: 10 minutes. Content warning: foul language. via io9