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10 of the World’s Most Expensive Beers

If you like sampling new beers or hate having money, you might want to try one of these. 1. Sapporo’s Space Barley Price: $110/six-pack ABV: 5.5% In 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists tested how well barley could grow in space. They rocketed barley seeds to the International Space Station and planted them aboard the Zvezda Service Module. After spending [...]

Happy 20th Birthday, Kazakhstan!

Kristina Postnikova / The largest country in Central Asia—it’s as big as all of Western Europe combined—turns 20 years old today, and to celebrate, here’s a list of ten random facts about everyone’s favorite Kazakh-speaking ‘Stan. 1. For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Borat, the fictional reporter invented by the English comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, [...]

8 People Who Are Seriously Obsessed

Most of us have hobbies, but some super fans or super collectors go beyond the limits of what most of us have time for. You might call them obsessive. Rob Foster is in the running for the most obsessive collecting of Star Wars toys. While it’s hard to definitively claim that Rob Foster is the biggest [...]

A Building That Looks Like a Set of Wings

Pictured above is a design submission for the Zayed National Museum in the United Arab Emirates. The project is named after Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004), who was president of the UAE. In memory of the Sheik’s love of falconry, the main structures are shaped like wings. But they also serve a practical [...]

Vegemite Bikini Wrestling in Australia

Vegemite Bikini Wrestling in AustraliaYesterday was the 222nd anniversary of the fine country of Australia, celebrated under the clever moniker Australia Day — or Invasion Day, if you want to get all badass about it.What do your favorite Foster’s-guzzling, thong-footwear-wearing, Sydney Opera House–worshiping football hooligans do to quietly honor their maiden land? Why, they lather [...]