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Portal Custom Pistol Grips

Calguns forum user mossy loves the Portal video game franchise, so he had these custom grips made for his 1911 handguns. They’re made of walnut wood, mother of pearl, brass, and silver. The text reads “The cake is a lie.” If the reference is unfamiliar, the always handy Know Your Meme will bring you up [...]

The Church in the Clouds

This beautiful image is the Church of Primus and St. Felician, which sits atop a mountain near Jamnik, Slovenia. The photographer responsible appears to be Jony2, a member of a Slovenian-language photography forum. Link and Forum Website and More Information -via Super Punch

A Sign Made from 5,000 Rocker Switches

This would be so much fun to play with! Valentin Ruhry made this huge sign for the Austrian Cultural Forum of New York. It will be on display there through September 5. Link and Forum Website -via Colossal | Photos: Valentin Ruhry

Replica M*A*S*H Set in Backyard

HGTV forum user Kraw27 built a replica of the set from the TV show M*A*S*H in his backyard. As you can see from the other pictures, even the interiors are duplicated in stunning detail. Link and More Pictures via Boing Boing

Sitcom Credit Vanity Cards

You’d think that Producer Peter Lorre would have enough of a forum to speak his mind, considering that he created the two popular CBS sitcoms Two and A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. Apparently not, though, because he also takes the opportunity each week to share his thoughts during the credits of those [...]