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10 Sports Heroes You Won’t Find On Wheaties Boxes

Shame on Wheaties for ignoring the heroes of elephant polo, sumo wrestling, and bullfighting! At our breakfast of champions, they’re always at the head of the table. 1. Sumo Wrestling: Akebono Taro (Image credit: Philbert Ono via Wikipedia) The only slim thing about sumo wrestling is the chance of becoming a yokozuna, or grand champion. Throughout the centuries, [...]

The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

Formula Rossa, the new roller coaster in Abu Dhabi travels 1.2 miles in only a minute and a half, reaching speeds of up to 150mph! But what else would you expect for a theme park called Ferrari World? Harnessing the same technology that powers fighter planes off aircraft carriers, the rollercoaster’s carriage travels the ride’s 2.07 [...]

The Number of the Day: 11

In theory, an earthquake can actually measure 11, or even higher. The formula for the Richter scale has no upper limit. Related Fact: Speaking of Charles Richter, the American scientist was supposedly an avid nudist. Rumors persist that his wife was so distressed by his penchant for hanging out in the buff that she divorced him. [Source: [...]