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Skydiving Cats

(YouTube link) A Swedish TV ad for who-knows-what features skydiving cats in formation, with the best soundtrack possible. Let us hope they all landed on their feet just as they should. -via Warming Glow

New World Record Skydive

(YouTube link) The skies over Ottawa, Illinois saw 138 skydivers set a new world record this past weekend as they linked up in a snowflake formation. Months of planning and 15 attempts resulted in the stunt you can see in this video. The previous record for an aerial formation like this was 108 skydivers. These daredevils, [...]

Do planets form within only a few years ?

Observations of a distant dust-filled solar system have shed light on the process of planet formation. Our current understanding of planet formation s…

What Causes That “Fresh Cut Grass” Smell?

Lab image via Shutterstock Trauma, that’s what. It’s the smell of chemical defenses and first aid. The fresh, “green” scent of a just-mowed lawn is the lawn trying to save itself from the injury you just inflicted. Leafy plants release a number of volatile organic compounds called green leaf volatiles (GLVs). When the plants are injured, [...]

"Jet man" flies over the Alps

Yves Rossy has flown his custom-built jet pack in formation with two aircraft over the Swiss Alps. The 52-year-old is the only person to have ever flo…

The Letter That Brought Toilets to Indian Trains

For more than fifty years after the formation of the Indian Railways in 1857, there was one crucial element that was missing on the nation’s trains: toilets. Passengers had to wait till till the stations to answer the call of nature, [...]

Mystery of Grand Canyon’s formation revealed

Scientists have pondered over the processes behind the formation of the Grand Canyon for years. A large anomalous cold and dense region has been ident…

Soldier Gets Beret Shot Off; Doesn’t Break Formation

(Video Link) These soldiers are drilling in formation. One shoots the beret off of another, who seems unfazed. Either he has nerves of steel or doesn’t realize what happened. via Say Uncle

Dark matter plays role in galaxy formation

Scientists discover that dark matter may play a leading role in the formation of galaxies. Not long ago dark matter was a concept few could understand…

El Paso UFOs mirror New York sightings

A formation of mysterious lights over El Paso has mirrored last month’s New York sightings. El Paso residents flooded local police with calls about th…