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Grumpy Cat Makeup

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. One more human joins the legion of fans assembled by Tard, the Internet’s own Grumpy Cat. -via Fashionably Geek | Photo: unknown

Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura Potatoheads

Mr. Potato Head – Commander Spock and Lt. Uhura | $34.95 Spock and Uhura now come in Mr. Potatohead form! Get these 5″ tall figures while they’re hot. Spock has his hand raised in the Vulcan greeting,and Uhura has her tricorder ready. The two come in a set together, and can’t wait to join the Mr. [...]

Mysterious tribe left bodies in jars

An unknown tribe has left valuable clues in the form of ‘body jars’ found around the Cardamom Mountains. Little is known about this mysterious Cambodi…

This Octopus Needed a New Home

(Video Link) You probably already knew that octopuses are smart and are known to use tools, but did you know that they also enjoy mobile homes in the form of tin cans? Just lugging this thing around seems beyond tiring, but he certainly seems reluctant to give up his can. Via io9

Illustrated Etymology

1844, from berserk (n.) "Norse warrior," by 1835, an alternative form of berserker (1822), a word which was introduced by Sir Walter Scott, from O.N. berserkr (n.) "raging warrior of superhuman strength;" [...]

This May Look Like an Ink Drawing, But It’s Actually a Photograph

The late Don Hong-Oa was born in China and lived in Vietnam and the United States. He practiced a particular form of photography that realistically mimicked traditional Chinese ink drawings. It’s like the inverse of photorealisic painting. Link -via Gizmodo | Photo Credit

Guerrilla Grafters: Turning Public Trees Into Fruit-Bearing Trees

[YouTube Clip] Money doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t stop a group of renegade agriculturists from turning public trees into a provider for bountiful harvest by grafting fruit-bearing branches. Meet the Guerilla Grafters: What [...]

22-Pound Marzipan Dead Pig Is a Gift for Two Young Children

A far better choice than Barbie dolls, don’t you think? Jonas Laberg had to come up with a gift for two girls, aged five and seven. So, as you might expect, he made the form of a creepy dead pig out of twenty-two pounds of marzipan. Link -via Geekosystem

A Special Type of Talent

This Twaggie was rendered in comic form from a Tweet by @anniecolbert. Although I’ve known people like that, I hope it isn’t a true story! Link

The Effect of Television on Sexual Behavior

Figure 1. A page from the survey form that was given to male participants. by Jennifer A. Zimmerman Psychology Department Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York This study investigates what effect, if any, watching television has on people’s sexual behavior. The Population Problem For populous countries such as China and India, population growth is seen [...]