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3D Rage Faces–Forever Alone Statue

Designed to proudly share your Forever Alone status with the world, this Rage Faces inspired statue was first 3d printed then cast in an extremely limited run, so the creators Matt Scone and Sanden Henning could get a sense of what producing their own toy would cost. Hopefully Matt and Sanden will consider casting another batch [...]

Does the "Forever Lazy" Mark the End of Civilization?

(Video Link) It’s really just a baggy jumpsuit made of soft material, but what’s striking is that the Forever Lazy outfit is being marketed as the best accessory for doing nothing productive. Fashion blogger Manolo writes: Manolo says, yes, it has come to this. For the people who believe that readjusting the Snuggie when you move from [...]

250 Movie Introductions of 185 People, Groups, and Things

Look, it’s Friday. You’ve got nine and a half minutes to kill. Why not watch a supercut of a bunch of 250 people (or cyborgs, or heroes, or villains) introducing 185 people, groups, and things from classic (and very not-classic) movies? It’s weirdly hypnotic. I also feel a little weird that I recognize virtually all [...]

The Quick 10: What 10 Major Retailers Once Sold

If David Abercrombie had known what his store was going to become when he founded it in 1892, I’m sure he would have been stunned. It’s amazing what years of evolution and buyouts can do to a company’s original vision – here’s what Abercrombie and Fitch and nine other clothing retailers sold when their doors [...]