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WTF Is A Bagelhead?

Watch out for these freaks, because they’ve got a forehead shaped like a bagel and an oy vey attitude to match! Bagelheads have their foreheads injected with a silicone solution that they mold into a bagel-like shape, and it’s a trend that’s still blowing up in Japan over a year later. Adrienne first brought you the story [...]

Egg Russian Roulette World Championships

(YouTube Link) File this under “competitions that seem stupid but people really enjoy watching”–egg Russian roulette, where hard boiled eggs are mixed in with the raw ones, and knuckleheads take turns smashing them on their foreheads to find out which is which. Held in Lincolnshire, this egg headed competition draws some fierce crackers to the table, and [...]

Bagelheads Invade Japan

Extreme body modification has taken an interesting turn in Japan. These lovely people above have had saline pumped into their foreheads for about two hours, a process that creates a rather, um, well… it makes a lump. And if you press your thumb into your forehead while the saline is pumping in, it makes a [...]

Pink Armadillo Attack

(Video Link) So near as I can figure this out, this monster movie is about a woman who can turn herself into a giant pink armadillo. Then she uses her nose to plant a bloody call sign on the foreheads of her victims. That’s not a bad basis for a film. via reddit

Top 10 Worst Bear Grylls Meals

Bear Grylls Meals The mere mention of the intrepid Brit’s name makes men want to beat their chests and crush beer cans against their foreheads. If you were at the altar with your bride-to-be and the priest leaned over and whispered that Bear was filming a segment around the corner, the sacrament of marriage would [...]