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Harry Potter Galsses Rings

Love Harry Potter glasses and his famous scar, but don’t want to wear hipster glasses without lenses and without painting a lightning bolt on your forehead? Then check out these great rings by Etsy seller thinkupjewel. Link

My Little Pony Kirk and Spock

Master ponysmith Sara Bean made these excellent Star Trek ponies. Notice her attention to detail on the Spock figure, which features the IDIC symbol, pointed ears and, of course, a horn protruding from his forehead. Link

Unicorn Cow

It has been reported that a cow in China has grown a horn in the center of its forehead: Farmer Jia Kebing noticed a small bump on this cow’s forehead when it was born two years ago but didn’t expect it to grow into a 20cm (8in) horn. ‘My farm is famous in this region for [...]

Flipped Portrait Photos

Thorsten Schmidtkord, a photographer from Düsseldorf in Germany, has taken taken a bunch of portrait photos and then manipulated them, so that the top of the head is where the chin should have been. He has also removed the mouth, since it’s been replaced by the forehead. Link – via Digital Bus Stop

Unicorn cow attracts tourists in China

A cow with a giant horn growing from its forehead has attracted a great deal of attention in China. What started off as a small bump two years ago has…

Real-life Harry Potter laments name

A 20-year-old Briton who shares the name of the fictional boy wizard Harry Potter and who even has a scar on his forehead after running in to a la…