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5 Questions: All -ford You

Good luck with Friday’s 5 Questions quiz, which we wrote All -ford You

5 Questions: -Ford Country

Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz: -Ford Country

New spontaneous human combustion theory

Prof Brian J Ford has turned his attention to determining why some people allegedly burst in to flames. Cases of spontaneous human combustion usually …

Ford Model A Half-Track

This 1931 Ford Model A has been heavily modified to get it through the snowy winters of the Great Lakes region. You can swap the front wheels for skis, a process the owner describes as “like changing a tire.” It’s for sale on eBay. Link -via Jalopnik

Cats Imitating Art

Here’s a cute collection of famous artworks and cats striking the same poses. I found “Romeo And Juliet” by Ford Madox Brown particularly appealing, but you can see 21 such comparisons at Buzzfeed. Link

Did dinosaurs live in the water ?

A startling new theory suggests that dinosaurs were simply too big and cumbersome to live on land. Professor Brian J Ford believes that the classic vi…

Sarcastic Font

Like Ford Prefect from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a lot of people just don’t pick up on sarcasm. People have proposed various solutions, such as a new punctuation mark. Another is the use of reversed italics — tilting text to the left instead of the right. Like this: There’s an online movement…well, a just [...]

Win a $3,000 Living Social Escape!

I’ll lead with a caveat: you have to have an i-something to participate in this contest. I know, I know. Not cool. (Except for owners of iOS devices.) But the app you need to participate is only available on the iOS platform. Sorry! With that out of the way, here’s the deal: I’ve teamed up with [...]

Building a LEGO Vehicle

(YouTube link) To inaugurate the new partnership between LEGOland and Ford, engineers built a Ford Explorer out of LEGO bricks for the theme park in Florida. It probably took them a long time to put the 380,000 bricks together, but thanks to time=lapse video, you can watch it in about 90 seconds. -via Buzzfeed

The Quick 10: 10 Literary Smack-Downs, Quips, and Squabbles

There’s an adage they give you when you receive your name badge at the door of Writer Land: “You only compete with yourself.” While most authors hold true to this (at least in public), there are those who make time to spend bashing their fellow wordslingers. Here are ten cringe-worthy examples. 1. Mark Twain vs. Ambrose [...]