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Game On, World

How would you make an ad for athletic shoes go viral? Just add Donkey Kong, like Nike did for this "Game On, World" ad. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Forbes

AT&T Reaches Out And Transmits Data With Your Bone

This sure puts a new spin on AT&T’s old slogan "reach out and touch someone": AT&T Labs has been working on a bioacoustic system that could allow your cell phone or other device [...]

America’s Most Miserable Cities

Feeling miserable today? Maybe you live in Miami, Florida. The city – famous for mega-million mansions and South Beach clubs – has just gotten the unenviable title of America’s Most Miserable City. Forbes Magazine [...]

A Television You Can Wear

Dave Forbes created this 60″ LED tv coat that’s powered by a 12V battery. Unsurprisingly, he designed it specifically for use at the Burning Man festival. Personally, I’d rather carry around a tablet or laptop so I could watch television myself, but I guess I’m just greedy like that. Link

The Number of the Day: 105

Amazon reports that since the beginning of April, they’ve sold 105 electronic Kindle books for every 100 print books sold. Related Fact: Included among Amazon’s many available Kindle ebooks is Kindle for Dummies, an ebook for the Kindle that teaches the reader how to use the Kindle. [Sources: Forbes and Amazon. See previous Numbers of the Day [...]

An Interactive Map of Where Americans are Moving

Forbes presents an interactive county map of the United States that shows where people are moving. Just click on a county to view where new arrivals came from or people are going to. You can also select from nine major metropolitan areas. Link via Glenn Reynolds

Israel’s Richest Woman Can “See The Future”

Businesswoman Shari Arison, who happens to be Israel’s richest citizen worth some $2.7 billion by Forbes’ most recent estimate), has revealed a secret: she can see the future! This is much bigger than a parlor trick. In her new book published this summer in Israel, the 51-year-old Miami native says she felt the Indonesian tsunami sweeping [...]