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UFO filmed from airline during US flight

Mauricio Ruiz managed to record an anomalous object from his window during a flight to Chicago. The footage shows the object to be a white cluster of …

World’s first color video footage unveiled

The earliest ever known color film footage has been rediscovered after more than 100 years. The footage was found in the archives of the National Medi…

ROBBIE, A Scifi Short Made With Footage From NASA

(Vimeo Link) Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey combined original footage and 3D animation with stock footage from the NASA archives to create ROBBIE- a spaced out short film about the robotic beings that help the humans at NASA explore the cosmos. Here’s more on Neil’s process: The film-making process involved downloading about 10 hours of footage from the NASA [...]

The Karate Kid Rehearsal and Lost Footage

During the production of the movie The Karate Kid, director John Avildsen kept footage shot of the blocking and rehearsals. And now those recordings have been uploaded to YouTube for your enjoyment. What Avildsen has posted, in 13 ten-minute segments, is the rehearsal that he and his actors conducted before principal photography began. The footage is [...]

The Missing Links: The Science of Anti-Social Traveling

This Thing Is Gonna Be Huge Well, maybe not, but this PBS exploration of viral videos is interesting nonetheless. * Is This A Full Flight? The answer to that question can make or break your day. Standup comics have made jokes about talkative strangers on planes for years. We’ve all held our breath and prayed that the person walking [...]

How “2001″ Became the Space Odyssey We Know

James Cameron narrates this documentary on the classic film 2001. It includes archival footage of the late Arthur C. Clarke in the 1960s touring spacecraft manufacturing facilities, footage of designers putting together models, snippets of archival footage of Kubrick, and various other amazing stuff I’ve never seen. It also features interviews with Doug [...]

The Abraham Zapruder of the Rodney King Video

Shortly after midnight on March 3, 1991, plumbing company manager George Holliday was awakened by the sound of police sirens screaming outside of his Lake View Terrace apartment building. He peeked out the window and saw some sort of commotion going on across the street. He grabbed his new Sony Handycam and stepped out onto [...]

Skateboard Tricks in Slow-Motion

(YouTube link) You can look at these tricks and say, “How do they do those things? It must be magic!” Or you can look at them and say, “I wonder how many times they fell perfecting those tricks.” The footage was recorded at 1000 frames per second. At the YouTube link, you’ll find a list of [...]

Magic Meerkat Moments

(YouTube link) While shooting footage for the series Planet Earth Live, BBC cameramen had to put up with the shenanigans of the wildlife itself. -via The Daily What

Mystery ‘pulsating winged being’ filmed

A video has appeared online showing a glowing figure with wings appearing briefly on CCTV footage. The video shows an unremarkable street in Indonesia…