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One Tough Bridge

For some reason this video took me back to my childhood. I don’t know if everyone had this, but the movie theatre close to my house had a small arcade in it, and in the arcade was a truck racing video game. In the game there was a character (I think his name was Archie [...]

Drawn to Facts No. 009: Your foot is the same size as the distance between your wrist and elbow

  Illustration by: Tucker Cullinan Fact: Your foot is the same size as the distance between your wrist and elbow. Check out all of our illustrated facts here.

Look! Flying Whale!

That’s a whale of a kite! Peter Lynn Kites has created a huge 100-foot long kite shaped like the blue whale: Link – via Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome

Man survives metal rod through his head

A construction worker found himself with a 6-foot metal bar piercing all the way through his skull. 24-year-old Eduardo Leite had been working on a bu…

6 Summer Camps for Exceedingly Wealthy Children

For many, summer camp means a week sleeping in a cabin that doubles as a sweat lodge, spider-infested communal showers, and swimming in a scummy pond. But if you have lots and lots of money, you have options. 1. ActionQuest Typically about $5,170 for 5 weeks (plus airfare and other expenses), but the transatlantic voyage is $6,570 [...]

Boy survives spear through the head

16-year-old Yasser Lopez somehow managed to survive a 3-foot spear being fired through his head. The accident happened when a spear gun was fired by m…

Is it time to return to the Moon?

It has been almost 40 years since humans stepped foot on the Moon – isn’t it time we went back ? During the Apollo Moon landings the eyes of the world…

Man saws off his own foot to avoid work

The 56-year-old sliced off his foot with a saw prior to undergoing a health check for work fitness. Police arrived at his home in Mitterlabill, Austri…

Man Saws off Own Foot to Avoid Work

Admit it: you’re jealous that you didn’t think of it first. A man in southern Austria had an ingenious plan to avoid qualifying for work: Hours before an appointment on Monday for the labor office to check on his health, the 56-year-old man held his left leg against an electric saw in his home workshop and [...]

T-Rex Sculpture Made Out Of Recycled Metal Parts

As if T-Rex, the big daddy of dinosaurs with a serious appetite to match, isn’t badass enough in the scaly flesh, now he’s been built out of scrap metal parts by sculptor Andrew Chase. And, while this over two foot tall, and six foot long, metal sculpture is far from life sized, he would be no [...]