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World’s Largest Cannoli

Appropriately, the Boston Foodie refers to this enormous concoction as “the Big Dig of pastry engineering.” This cannoli, the world’s largest, was made last year at the New England Dessert Showcase.  Link -via Pocket Pistols, Historic Firearms, & Curiosities

An Ethnic Cookbook From A Culture That Never Existed

This is the coolest idea for a cookbook I’ve ever seen. The Feasts of Tre-mang will be a cookbook full of exotic and unusual (but delicious!) recipes that originated on the Island of Tre-mang, which was near the Canary Islands until it got destroyed by a volcanic eruption in the first decades of the last [...]

Dress With a Caffeine Buzz

Retailer, Barney’s New York, has a foodie themed Christmas display this year. Miss Illy, the mannequin pictured above, wears a gown assembled from recycled Illycafe espresso foil bags and tops off her look with an espresso machine hat. She is definitely the Queen of Caffeine! Barney’s creative director, Simon Doonan, used hundreds of crimped and [...]