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Gingerbread Star Trek Communicator

Somehow I have lived the past few years without having ever heard of Food Replicator, a Star Trek-themed food blog. Especially noteworthy is the author’s attention to the delicacies of Ferenginar, such as jellied gree-worms. Yummy! Above you can see a gingerbread version of the standard Starfleet communicators used during the original series. Here’s how the [...]

Fat and Furious Burger

Now this is art we can bite into! When French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin decided to play with their food, the end results are these creative burger creations as featured in their tumblr site Fat & Furious [...]

Eleven Food Trends That Need To Die In 2013

I’m sure all foodies are familiar with the food trends that made it on the hit list for 2013. Some seem to have come out of nowhere (maximum kale), some have been resurrected as a food trend over and over again (pickling everything, Jell-O shots), all need to die in the new year. There’s bound to be [...]

Non-melting chocolate invented

Food experts at Cadbury’s have developed a new type of chocolate that doesn’t melt in hot weather. An achievement even Willy Wonka himself would be en…

Oldest evidence of stone-tipped spears found

Our ancestors used stone-tipped spears to hunt for food more than 200,000 years earlier than thought. A new discovery in South Africa has turned our k…

Horror Movies for Your Pets

Just because you’ve filled up your dog’s food dish every day for his entire life is no reason to conclude that you’ll do so tomorrow. This and other terrors from the mind of Jeff Wysaski are sure to give your pets nightmares. Link

Bird Feeder Offers Convenient Fly Thru Window, Late Night Service

A businessbird on the go needs food quickly, any time of day. That’s why Brian Wolter built Fly Thou, a bird feeder in Copenhagen that offers food-like products to birds in a hurry. Solar panels provide lighting late at night and early in the morning. Link -via NotCot | Photo: Povl Thomsen

Did prehistoric man feed on pandas ?

Excavated panda fossils hold clues suggesting that our ancestors may have viewed pandas as a food source. These days pandas are a protected species, w…

11 Foods Inspired by Candy Corn

Whether or not you actually enjoy the flavor of candy corn, it’s hard to deny that its tri-color design has become a classic symbol of Halloween treats. It’s so iconic, in fact, that the color combination can now be found in all kinds of foods, many of which even those who hate candy corn will [...]

Scientific Dining: Reviews of Research Institute Cafeterias (part two)

(Image credit: Flickr user Juan Manuel Caicedo Carvajal) The CERN Cafeteria, Geneva Switzerland by Lois Malone Autumn in New York! April in Paris! January in Geneva! The winter destination of choice for the high-energy physicist. Only the most discriminating mind can appreciate the delicate shadings of the gray skies, the nuances of a weather pattern that daily promises rain but [...]