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Donut Sandwiches Served in Mr. Potato Head Style

The Dough Truck combines the best of four usually separate worlds: food trucks, donuts, sandwiches and Mr. Potato Head accessories. This enchanted creature journeys through the land of Santa Clara, California, bringing joy everywhere it goes. Why? Because donuts. That’s why. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

The Quick Nine: Nine Food Trucks

Like the ice cream trucks of yesteryear (I hear they’re still around, but not in my neighborhood), food trucks roam around cities bringing delicious goodness right to people. Only they’ve grown up since we were kids – these days they deliver things like grass-fed beef, lobster rolls, Chinese buns and grilled cheese. OK, maybe they [...]

SXSW: By the Numbers

CNN has launched some video content on Vimeo, that other video site that looks nicer than YouTube. Although CNN only has two videos on their Vimeo page so far, they’re quite nice — well-shot, well-produced, short, and evocative. The first is a nicely put-together look at SXSW (South By Southwest), embedding statistics into the video. [...]