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Zombie Luau Pineapple

Just look at this pineapple! I want that at my next party -or right now, whichever comes first. This was made by food artist Kari Jo Skogquist. See more  pictures of it at Laughing Squid. Link (Image credit: Kari Jo Skogquist)

Jawa Bento Box

The sands of Tatooine are made of despair, pita bread and white beans. But mostly despair. Food artist Rena contributed this snack to a Star Wars bento box challenge three years ago. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Carrot Spider-Man

Okistugu Kado is an amazing food artist and sushi chef from Japan. His blog is filled with stunning creations, including sculptures of superheroes and scenes from Star Wars. Link -via Geekosystem

How to Make a Hot Dog Fairy

Unlike most of you, I did not grow up in a household that believed in the Hot Dog Fairy. So the tradition of placing a piece of hot dog in the dirty laundry on a new moon was not a part of my childhood. But do I plan to share the innocent joy of the [...]

Kill Bill Cake

Food artist Barbarann Garrard made a birthday cake inspired by the Kill Bill movies: the bottom represents “the bride”.. the scene in which Beatrice is gunned down in the opening scene.. there is white bridal lace with blood and realistic chocolate bullets…the next teir is a Japanese pagoda.. this represents the scene toward the end in [...]

The Nightmare Before Christmas Bento Boxes

Food artist Gina Lee made a bento boxes inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas: Ol’ Jack is made up of nothing more than rice, black sesame seeds, and nori. Sally got it going on with a face of eggwhite, eyes of cheese, seeds and nori. Nose of mustard seeds, mouth of nori and bologna. [...]

World’s First Cheese Billboard

A giant advertising billboard made from 110kg of cheese has been revealed in Covent Garden, London — bizarrely to promote broadband internet services.The 5m x 4m cheese sculpture features an image of Speedy Gonzales the cartoon mouse (the only link to cheese we can think of) and the text “Super Speedy Broadband.”Virgin Media say the [...]

Edible Billboard is Made out of Cheese

Here at Neatorama, we love the work of food artist Prudence Staite. We’ve featured her Snow White made out of apples, her Robert Pattinson made out of chocolate, and her Pope made out of pizza dough. One of her latest creations is a billboard made out of cheese. She and 13 assistants took 8 days [...]

Vanessa Dualib’s Food Art

Food artist Vanessa Dualib makes clever sculptures with minimal changes to the objects themselves. You can view many examples at the link, such as the above “Fridge Veggie Walrus.” Link via Geekosystem

Snow White Images Made out of Apples

Photo: Prudence Staite Food artist Prudence Staite, previously featured on Neatorama, recently recreated scenes from the movie Snow White using fourteen different types of apples to express different colors, shapes, and textures. The works were commissioned by Disney to promote the film. You can view three more at the link. Link via Urlesque | Artist’s Website