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On Space Time Foam

Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno was inspired by the spacetime foam theory of quantum mechanics to create his artwork On Space Time Foam, which lets participants walk on a giant floating structure of clear plastic. It looks like a lot of fun! Link [...]

Beer with Frozen Foam

What do you get when you cross an ice cream machine and beer? Japanese beer brewer Kirin came up with this idea to keep your ice-cold brew stay cold longer: beer with frozen foam. From [...]

Physicists Create the Perfect Foam

No, not from a pint of Guinness – though the perfect foam does hail from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland: ‘Perfect’ here means the lowest-energy configuration of packed bubbles of equal size. This is a compromise between the surface [...]

What the Heck Is Sea Foam?

Last night, meteorologist Tucker Barnes, from Washington D.C.’s WTTG-TV, was reporting live on Hurricane Irene from Ocean City, Maryland. As the night wore on, Barnes found himself buried in more and more sea foam blowing in from the beach. And Barnes admitted that he had no idea just what he was standing knee-deep in. (“It’s [...]

Frothy Magnetic Bubbles at The Edge of Our Solar System

It sounds kind of delicious the way they describe it but NASA has discovered a mysterious cluster of “frothy magnetic bubbles” at the edge of our solar system. Discovered by probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 the bubbles are in the ‘foam zone” or heliosheath. Scientists now have a few theories on what the bubbles [...]

A Brief History of Nerf (or Nothin’)

The Nerf brand has been bringing kids foamy fun for over four decades now, but the company’s history might not be as familiar to you as the perfect technique for a crushing Nerfoop dunk. Let’s take a look at the Nerf nitty gritty. It Was Supposed to Be a Volleyball Game Although Nerf has become the [...]

Foam Printer

Foam Printer spewing wispy letters into the air at IFA ( International Consumer Electronics Berlin & Exhibition Appliances Home ) is an Video of the printer foam was installed exhibits outdoor . The foam the form keeps the shape of time one , the number km is likely going to floatingone clever company pumped up [...]

Metal Foam is Lighter Than Aluminum, Stronger Than Steel

Materials scientist Afsaneh Rabiei has developed a substance that is very lightweight, but stronger than a block of steel. And when placed under extreme pressure, it can absorb shock without shattering: Rough traffic accident calculations show that by inserting two pieces of her composite metal foam behind the bumper of a car traveling 28 mph, the [...]

foam fight at St Andrews University

Hundreds of students got themselves lathered up today as they took part in a traditional foam fight at St Andrews University. The youngsters threw themselves into the occasion and looked to be having the time of their lives during the annual Raisin Monday celebrations. The foam fight is the climax to festivities where students are ‘adopted’ by [...]

Cheeming Boey: Styrofoam Cup King

Cheeming Boey likes to draw, both at his computer, working as a computer game designer and animator out of Newport Beach, CA, and on foam cups. As the Orange Country Register recently put it: “Styrofoam, or, rather, the foam products most people refer to as Styrofoam, gets a bad rap: It’s cheap. Disposable. Never degrades. [...]