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Flying Sparrow Tea Cup

Flying Sparrow Tea Cup – $29.95 (sold separately)  Are you looking to add a little whimsy to your tea drinking experience? Well, you are in for a real tweet. Feast your eyes on the Flying Sparrow Tea Cups from the NeatoShop. Each playful mug features a sparrow. On one mug the handle is the bird’s tail. [...]

Glow In The Dark Flying Piggy

Glow I Glow In The Dark Flying Piggy – $2.45 Are you a over-ambitious dreamer? Do you scoff at the impossible? Forget falling asleep under ordinary glow in the dark stars. You need the Glow In The Dark Flying Piggy from the NeatoShop because you are a doer. These winged plastic pigs are stuck to your bedroom [...]

Remote Controlled Flying Clownfish Air Swimmers

Flying Clownfish Air Swimmers - $39.95 We are excited to announce that Air Swimmers are back in stock at the NeatoShop. Now you can get your very own remote controlled balloon shaped like either a Clownfish (shown) or Flying Shark.  Hurry! We have a very limited supply of these fantastic remote controlled balloons. Be sure to check [...]

Cat Dreams

Theresa Knudson was inspired by Jan von Hollenben’s Dreams of Flying photographs and created dream photos of her cat by arranging various backgrounds. Fluffy is a trusting and patient cat! See more pictures at Pawesome. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Theresa Knudson)

Flying Video Camera

A Chinese man used a Flying Video Camera Remote Controlled, spy cameras wireless model plane to record his friend’s wedding.Lao Wu, from Wuhan, spent 30,000 Yuan (nearly £3,000) buying parts ahead of the big day.The plane, named UFO, weighs 1kg, has four propellers and landing legs, and is capable of flying as high as 10 [...]

Spacecraft to Fly Into The Sun

Flying into the sun’s corona is suicidal to be sure, but scientists want to find out how the sun’s atmosphere is heated.Why the sun’s atmosphere is nearly 200 times hotter than its visible surface is a long-standing mystery. A new spacecraft, called Solar Probe Plus, aims to find some answers.Flying directly into the sun’s corona [...]

Monty Python’s 40th Birthday

(YouTube Link) Monty Python’s Flying Circus debuted 40 years ago today. Marc Lee writes in The Daily Telegraph about the origins and development of the troupe: Four decades on, the image of John Cleese’s increasingly hysterical pet-shop customer — pacamac buttoned up, hair plastered down, vowels strangulated — remains one of the most memorable in television history. [...]

Air Travel’s Glory Years

Flying these days is about as pleasant as a root canal, with security hassles, delays, poor service, expensive or nonexistent food, and cramped seats. But was it always this way? The answer, of course, is no. And so, we decided to take a look back to the glory days of flight – when the stewardesses [...]