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9 Looks at History re-imagined with Monsters

Some narratives can’t be found in history books. That’s the kind of stuff we love here at the _floss. When artist Matthew Buchholz thinks about history, he imagines smokestacks and steel tycoons, but also rampaging monsters, river serpents and maybe a flying saucer or two. Matthew has turned his fascination with sci-fi into art by [...]

The Streamlined Car of the Future

(YouTube link) “If you’re looking for a 1960 model, this may well be it.” Those were big words back in 1948, when this short documentary was produced by Popular Mechanics. Which will it be: a three-wheeled golf cart that resembles a flying saucer, an airstream camper on wheels, or a souped-up model T with the dashboard [...]


(vimeo link) Medieval knights meet a flying saucer, leading to an intergalactic misunderstanding. Joel Fletcher created this stop-motion animation on 16mm film in 1982, long before the computer effects we take for granted were available to everyone. -Thanks, Joel!

Timely Venn Diagram

Considering the earlier story of Falcon Heene and the flying saucer, this Public Service Announcement by Ebru strikes home. She named it “The Truest Venn Diagram I Have Ever Made.” Link -via Buzzfeed