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Military conducts hypersonic jet test flight

The Waverider jet project aims to fly the aircraft at a speed of 4,300mph, six times the speed of sound. At that speed the plane would be able to trav…

The World’s Smallest Art Museum

No, it’s not some fly by night operation. Filip Noteradaeme’s Homeless Museum of Art is an established enterprise. Since 2003, it’s appeared at various locations around New York City. The clientele is highly selective–only two people can visit at the same time–so get your tickets ahead of time. Its collection is small, so you’ll have [...]

Bad Opinion Generator

The Week magazine has an online toy that will give you an opinion. A bad one, in hindsight. Unlike a real “generator,” these opinions are not constructed on the fly -they are things that were really said by someone at some time in history. Push the button and get another one randomly selected from the [...]

Flying car goes on sale

A two-seater flying automobile that can fly at speeds of up to 60mph is now on sale for over $1.5M. What makes the Aerocar particularly unusual is tha…

Sex-Deprived Fly Drowns Its Sorrow in Booze

Rejection hurt, even for the lowly fly. Researchers discovered that sex-deprived fruit flies will drown their sorrows in booze: To see how sex impacts fly drinking, the researchers placed virgin male flies in [...]

Vampire Parasite in Amber

A 20-million-year-old bat fly was discovered in a mine in the Dominican Republic, the first fossilized fly of its type ever found. Its descendants are still around, sucking blood from modern bats, but scientists did not know how far back these parasites existed. But what’s even more enlightening is that this fly carried an ancient [...]

Beyonce fly named after singer

A species of fly has been named after the singer Beyonce due to its distinctive golden posterior. “It was the unique dense golden hairs on the fly’s a…

UFO-like stealth drone takes flight

You would be forgiven for thinking the US Navy’s new X-47B is a UFO if you saw it fly overheard. The futuristic unmanned aircraft is designed to take-…

Millennium Falcon Wedding Cake Includes Working Lights

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in cake design. How much longer will we have to wait before we have a wedding cake that can actually fly under its own power? Link via blastr | Cake by The Butter End Cakery

Bug Navigates Internet on a Touchscreen

(Video Link) Calquon’s computer has a very sensitive touchscreen interface. Even a fly can navigate reddit with it. But I didn’t see him upvote anything. Come on, bug, contribute! Link via Geekosystem