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The Stephen King Flowchart

Love Stephen King? This one is for you: Gillian James of Tessiegirl blog mapped the connections between characters in Stephen King universe. Take a look at the full Stephen King flowchart over at Gillian’s blog: Link [...]

There are two kinds of people in the world…

Dr. Phil Plait has them all figured out. But you know, this could be made into a flowchart, with people being born flowing into the right circle, a trickle of people flowing from the right to the left, and because of the death rate, there would be outflow from both circles. Read plenty more geeky [...]

Who Forgot About Dre: Pretty Much the Best Flowchart Ever

Maybe the best flowchart I’ve ever seen. I’ve cropped it to hide a couple of explicit words, but if you’re not offended by an F-Bomb or two, be sure to check out the whole thing over at Pop Chart Lab. Link via GoFugYourself

"Hey Look! A Coffee Pot!" Flowchart

Anyone who has worked in an office with a shared coffee pot will immediately relate to this clever flowchart a reader submitted over at Passive Aggressive Notes. Link

Should You, Could You Become An Astronaut?

Sorry to shatter your dreams folks but aspiring astronauts might take a look at this flowchart and consider a career in another field. Link

Flowchart: Should You Have Hot Cocoa?

Should you have hot cocoa? William Sisskind of Socrates’ Closet crated the flowchart to determine the answer of this weighty question: Link

10 Clever and Confusing Flowcharts

It’s been almost a year since I shared my ever-growing collection of helpful and not-so-helpful flowcharts found on the internet. The list has grown, and some of the latest flowcharts explain everything from how to date your cousin to picking up food from the floor. 1. Should I Work for Free? This may sound like a silly [...]

Flowchart: What Job Should You Have in the Star Wars Universe?

So you suddenly find yourself long, long ago in a galaxy far away. You’re going to need to earn some money, so it’s time to find a job. This flowchart by Andy Green and Bobby Bernethy will make some suggestions for careers that fit your personality. Link

Flowchart: How to Explain the Internet to a Street Urchin, Circa 1835

So, you’ve used a time machine to travel back to the London of 1835. You encounter Oliver, an impoverished street urchin of 12 years of age. For some reason, you’ve decided to explain to him what the Internet is. How do you proceed? Comedian and graphic designer Doogie Howser created a flowchart to illustrate your [...]

When Is It Inappropriate to Use Your iPhone?

Any geek who is not quite sure if this is an appropriate time to pull out the iPhone can use this handy flowchart from Gizmodo. You can enlarge the chart at the link if you need to. Link -via Boing Boing