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Peugeot’s Paper Play: Just Add Fuel

If you live across the pond, you’ve likely seen the below Peugeot “Just Add Fuel” commercial (or should I say advert?). In all my years blogging for the _floss, I don’t believe I’ve ever posted a bonafide commercial. That speaks to how impressed I was with this one. I’ve always felt like the U.K. does [...]

Another Awesomely Geeky License Plate

While this one wasn’t on the Mental Floss list of geeky license plates I linked to earlier this week, the great thing about this plate is that it actually takes into account the vehicle model as well. Link Via Geekologie

Trololo Man is BACK!

Merry Christmas to all from the _floss and Eduard Khil, who, even at the age of 77, still has it!

11 Chilrdren’s Drawings Re-imagined

Dave Devries needs to be inducted into the _floss Hall of Fame, like, now! Well, after we create the _floss Hall of Fame. Then he does. Why? Well, take a look at his amazing artwork below based on children’s drawings. Such a smart idea, we wish we had thought of it! Let us know your [...]

13 Cool Plastic Shopping Bags

Apparently the U.S. is lagging way behind Europe when it comes to witty shopping bag design. These 13 were spotted on an interesting site called, which calls itself “a highly visual oddities magazine dedicated to showcasing the world’s most creative artworks, offbeat products and everything that’s really weird or wonderful.” A perfect fit for [...]

8 Great Nerdy Posters

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to say a lot in only a few geeky words. If you need a little help getting your message across, try one of these designs by Illustrator Nicole Martinez, as seen over on Mental Floss. Link Via Mental Floss

Apple Quizzes

Over the years, I’ve written a number of Apple-related quizzes. Here are two that we published previously on the _floss, in honor of Mr. Jobs passing. Please note that the photos I’ve selected in this quiz don’t always represent the items in question! That said, let’s see how well you know your Apple history and products. Give [...]

6 Seriously Strange College Courses

We’ve already linked to Mental Floss’ list of weird college courses, but if you can’t get enough of these strange course listings, then you probably ought to head over to Cracked and read about six more of these classes including Super Smash Bros. Melee Theory and Practice. Link

6 Weird But Cool Cameras

Mental Floss has a great post featuring a variety of weird cameras, but my favorite has to be this weird gun camera. The trigger works just like one on a regular gun, which gives a whole new meaning to shooting wildlife. Link

10 Cool Tiny Artworks

Over on Mental Floss, Miss C has a great round up of tiny artworks by extremely talented artists. My personal favorite is the tiny working gun seen here, created by Michel Lefaivre. I can’t help but wonder how much damage this little thing could actually do. Link